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✔️GEL SMOKE & ODOR ELIMINATOR: Only one can of Ozium Gel Smoking and odor eliminator will help you make your house, car, truck, or anything else for that matter, smell wonderful & clean!
✔️ELIMINATE SMOKE IN A BREEZE: Works on even the most potent odors each gel can is designed to reduce airborne bacteria, eliminate smoke and other odors

✔️WORKS BETTER THAN CHARCOAL: The problem with other products and odor eliminators is they do not do what they say or stop working in only a few days. Ozium solves that problem! Thats because our gel technology has been designed to let air pass through and eliminate odors leaving a fresh scent that lasts for weeks!
✔️FRESH, LONG-LASTING CITRUS SCENT: Each gel odor and smoke eliminator gel offers a consistent fresh citrus fragrance release in a convenient 4.5 oz container and will not melt at high temperatures.
✔️HELPS MAINTAIN FRESHNESS ANYWHERE: Ozium gel is ideal for small spaces so you can toss it in your car, truck, RV camper, use as closet deodorizer, gym bag deodorizer, bathrooms, near your pet litter box areas or any room in the home or office!

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